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Nestalgica - Weekend Warrior (2016)
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Nestalgica Weekend Warrior
List of songs:
01. River City Ransom: Running Around The City
02. 3-D Worldrunner: Stage Theme
03. Shovel Knight: Flowers Of Antimony (Feat. Belmont & Lechuck)
04. Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily Theme
05. Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time Market Theme
06. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Medley
07. Flashman's Journey To Silius (From Mega Man 2)
Dr. Zilog - Unknown Command (2016)
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Dr. Zilog Unknown Command
List of songs:
01. Crystal Oscillator
02. Tweak A Bit
03. Unknown Comman
04. Depowergloved
05. Acid Bonita
06. Lachrymose Augury
07. Nesessary Evil
08. Fractured Fractals
09. Roses Are Free
10. Carnival Of Souls
11. Persistent Illusion
12. Metaphysically Speaking
Psycho Crusher - Avocado Overdose (2015)
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Psycho Crusher Avocado Overdose
List of songs:
01. DooMedley [Doom]
02. Dragonborn's Shout [Skyrim]
03. Leap Of Faith (feat. Michiru) [Mirror's Edge]
04. Iron Wily [Mega Man 2]
05. Galactic Garden [Super Mario Galaxy]
06. Dividing The Stream Of Time [Ecco: The Tides of Time]
07. Dragonslayer & Executioner [Dark Souls]
08. Sonic Boom [Street Fighter II]
09. You Monster (feat. CosmicVero) [Portal 2]
10. Watery Atmosphere [Donkey Kong Country]
11. And Now, The Cheetahmen [Cheetahmen 2]
12. Shinra's Soul [Ikaruga]
13. Bury Me With My Money [Sunset Riders]
14. It's Payback Time (feat. YZYX) [Contra Hard Corps]
15. Bloodstained Theme [Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night]

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