Wind Atlas - Lingua Ignota (2015)
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Wind Atlas Lingua Ignota
List of songs:
1.Eurydice's Chant 02:38
2.Sound Of Gold, Rhythm Of Jade 05:17
3.The Sun Rises 03:47
4.Hylé 02:40
5.Stalker 05:13
6.The Goddess Is Where It Is Venerated 05:43
7.Ecdisis 04:44
8.Demona 06:35
9.The Joy Of The Auloniad 02:30
TSIDMZ - René Guénon Et La Tradition Primordiale (2015)
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TSIDMZ (ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit) René Guénon Et La Tradition Primordiale
List of songs:
1.TSIDMZ feat L'Effet C'Est Moi - Ewigkeit Im Saltarello 03:52
2.TSIDMZ feat Stefania Domizia voice - Brahma 05:13
3.TSIDMZ feat Sonnenkind voice and Gregorio Bardini flute - Ost und West 05:05
4.TSIDMZ feat Barbarossa Umtrunk - La crise du Monde Moderne 04:18
5.TSIDMZ feat The Wyrm voice and Porta Vittoria synth - Simbolos de la Ciencia Sagrada 04:03
6.TSIDMZ feat Barbarossa Umtrunk - La Verite Totale 05:02
7.TSIDMZ feat Gregorio Bardini - La Rosa e il Cuore 05:38
8.TSIDMZ - Le Demiurge 05:13
9.TSIDMZ feat Lorenzo Gasparella voice and choirs - Estasi Divina 08:43
10.TSIDMZ feat Hoplites - Iniziazione 04:16

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