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Pestilence Testimony Of The Ancients (Reissue)

Date: 2017

Download album Testimony Of The Ancients (Reissue) as a torrent in audio format as MP3, AAC, FLAC for free and register. Group from the Netherlands and play in the genre of  Death Metal, on 21-January-18, 0:00 Pestilence in status is active and recorded on the label of the . Group Pestilence plays in genre  Death Metal and was formed in country Netherlands. Release Testimony Of The Ancients (Reissue) was released on media Compact-Disc and in Full album format.
Group: Pestilence
Release Name: Testimony Of The Ancients (Reissue)
Country: Netherlands
Type of release: Full album
Issued to media: Compact-Disc
Status: Active
List of tracks
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CD 1:
01. Secrecies of Horror
02. Bitterness
03. Twisted Truth
04. Darkening
05. Lost Souls
06. Blood
07. Land of Tears
08. Free Us from Temptation
09. Prophetic Revelations
10. Impure
11. Testimony
12. Soulless
13. Presence of the Dead
14. Mind Warp
15. Stigmatized
16. In Sorrow

CD 2:
01. Chemotherapy (Live Dynamo Open Air 1992)
02. Presence of the Dead (Live Dynamo Open Air 1992)
03. The Process of Suffocation (Live Dynamo Open Air 1992)
04. Lost Souls (Live Dynamo Open Air 1992)
05. Twisted Truth (Live Dynamo Open Air 1992)
06. Testimony (Live Dynamo Open Air 1992)
07. Chronic Infection (Live Dynamo Open Air 1992)
08. Stigmatized (Live Dynamo Open Air 1992)
09. Out of the Body (Live Dynamo Open Air 1992)
10. Darkening (Live Rotterdam 1992)
11. Presence of the Dead (Live Rotterdam 1992)
12. Prophetic Revelations (Live Rotterdam 1992)
13. Suspended Animation (Live Rotterdam 1992)
14. The Secrecies of Horror (Live Rotterdam 1992)
15. The Trauma (Live Rotterdam 1992)
16. Land of Tears (Live Rotterdam 1992)

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