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Man Daitorgul Gulkenha

Date: 2017

Download album Gulkenha as a torrent in audio format as MP3, AAC, FLAC for free and register. Group from the Spain and play in the genre of Epic Black Metal, on 23-December-17, 0:00 Man Daitorgul in status is active and recorded on the label of the . Group Man Daitorgul plays in genre Epic Black Metal and was formed in country Spain. Release Gulkenha was released on media Compact-Disc and in Full album format.
Release Name: Gulkenha
Country: Spain
Type of release: Full album
Issued to media: Compact-Disc
Status: Active
List of tracks
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01. ?aram Am Drokela (Army At The Black Mountains)
02. K?azesis Gleivarka (Knights Of Khazesis)
03. Man Daitorgul / Slam I?e Kaldrath (Fortress Of The Thousand Towers / Legio VI Kaldrath)
04. Bo Sevakaera Na Droke? (Where The Dark Ones Keep Watching)
05. Togul Daitoren (Palace Of The Tortoise)
06. Eva? og Ovre Vo?raen? (A Sea Of Black Cenotaphs)
07. Gulke Nagh (Blue Night)
08. Ne?vreskgaidan? (From Hateful Visions (Judas Iscariot Cover))
09, Game Daitorgul
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