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Northwind Wolves «Dark… Cold… Grim…»

Date: 2017

Download album Dark… Cold… Grim… as a torrent in audio format as MP3, AAC, FLAC for free and register. Group from the United States and play in the genre of Melodic, Neoclassical Death Metal, on 21-December-17, 12:00 Northwind Wolves in status is active and recorded on the label of the . Group Northwind Wolves plays in genre Melodic, Neoclassical Death Metal and was formed in country United States. Release Dark… Cold… Grim… was released on media Compact-Disc and in Full album format.
Release Name: Dark… Cold… Grim…
Country: United States
Type of release: Full album
Issued to media: Compact-Disc
Status: Active
List of tracks
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01. Dark Skies for Black Sorcery
02. Specters in the Funeral’s mist
03. Cold Hearted Kings of the Occult
04. Last Light Before the Darkness
05. Foul Wolves and Black Magic
06. Entrance to the Dark Universe
07. Majestic Fog on the Everlasting Mountain
08. Chamber of the ShadowLord
09. Celestial Extinction
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