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Rob Lundgren «Covers The World, Vol. 4»

Date: 2017

Download album Covers The World, Vol. 4 as a torrent in audio format as MP3, AAC, FLAC for free and register. Group from the Sweden and play in the genre of Heavy Metal, Power Metal, on 10-October-17, 7:44 Rob Lundgren in status is active and recorded on the label of the . Group Rob Lundgren plays in genre Heavy Metal, Power Metal and was formed in country Sweden. Release Covers The World, Vol. 4 was released on media Compact-Disc and in Full album format.
Release Name: Covers The World, Vol. 4
Country: Sweden
Type of release: Full album
Issued to media: Compact-Disc
Status: Active
List of tracks
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01. Heresy (feat. Valentin Suldin)
02. Beat It (feat. Eric Calderone)
03. Heaven and Hell (feat. Yiannis Manopoulos & Mike LePond)
04. What Have You Done (feat. Minniva & Quentin Cornet)
05. The Last Fight (feat. Johny_27)
06. Nothing Else Matters (Acoustic)
07. In the End
08. Painkiller (Happy Metal) (feat. Andy Xiong & Ben Bouissieres)
09. El Circulo de Fuego (feat. Esteban Cerri)
10. Black Hole Sun (Piano Version)
11. Ashes of the Dawn (feat. Simon Skrlec & Martin Szorad)
12. I Am the Highway
13. Close My Eyes Forever (feat. Legati)
14. The Temple of Hate (feat. Rilvas Silva & Emanuel Webber)
15. The Sound of Silence
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